Club Guns

We have a wide range of Club guns for probationary & full  members to shoot on club nights.

The cost of Hire of the club guns is £1.00 per gun per night for full members only, Probationers have already paid this in the Joining fee. This helps to keep the club guns in good working order, for everyone's safety.

Smallbore Rifles

We have a good selection of small-bore rifles shooting .22 rimfire ammunition which is available to purchase at the Club.

Several different styles of gun are available to shoot, from lever action “Cowboy” style guns to bolt action scoped rifles and semi-automatics.

Regular competitions are available to enter where you can try each of the different styles. 

Pistol Calibre Rifles

Our .357 and .44 Magnum Pistol calibre rifles are lever action “Cowboy “style manufactured by Marlin and Rossi. We have several guns with Open Sights and one equipped with a Red-dot.

 Both .357 & .44 ammunition is available to purchase from the club, or you can shoot your own so long as it conforms to our range limit for velocity and muzzle energy.

Black Powder Pistols

Whilst we don’t have any club Black-Powder pistols, several members do shoot them and we are affiliated with the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain.

We also have a dedicated Black-Powder loading area and firing point.


Air Rifles and Pistols

We have a number of pre-charged (PCP) air rifles and pistols which can be used by members and visitors.

 Pellets are freely available for all our guns.



Long Barrel Revolvers & Pistols

Several members shoot long barrel revolvers at the club. These are typically .357 revolvers with 12 inch barrels and a wrist brace to ensure they meet the Home Office minimum requirements.

Probationers/Full members will not be allowed to shoot these unless they have the particular firearm on their Certificate.

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